Adept Rocketry - Accessories - CAB5/6-xx Interconnect Cable


The CAB5/6-xx Interconnect Cable Assemblies plug onto various Adept devices for connecting igniters or deployment charges, external batteries and switches, etc. These cables have a 5-pin Molex type box connector at one end, and six pre-stripped color-coded leads. Five wires come out of the connector. The middle RED wire is immediately spliced to a second RED wire.



Two RED wires are available, so there is no need to deal with one RED wire as a common wire to two different igniters or deployment charges. These cables may be used with the ALTS2 Altimeter and DDCS2 Dual-Deployment Controller™, and the old ALTS82 Altimeter.

CAB5/6-12 Cable Assembly, 5 leads, 12-inch length: $5.49

CAB5/6-24 Cable Assembly, 5 leads, 24-inch length: $6.89

CAB5/6-36 Cable Assembly, 5 leads, 36-inch length: $7.99      2/17/12

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