Adept Rocketry DDCS2

Dual Deployment™ Controller, Model DDCS2

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DDCS2 Price: $69.00 - Includes CAB5/6-24 Interconnect Cable and GP-23A Battery.

The DDCS2 is a Dual-Deployment Controller™. It has two altitude controlled deployment outputs that are typically used to fire deployment charges, based on altitude. The DDCS2 uses the same circuitry as the ALTS2 / ALTS2-50K Altimeter and handles Dual Deployment™, but it does not report maximum altitude after a rocket flight. Because of this, the tedious calibration requirements of the ALTS2 / ALTS2-50K can be avoided somewhat and allow the DDCS2 a substantially lower price. The DDCS2 can be used as the primary deployment controlling device if you don't care about measuring altitude (some rocketeers actually don't). But typically it would be used as a redundancy backup device alongside an ALTS2 / ALTS2-50K (or any other altimeter).

The first charge fires when the rocket reaches its maximum altitude (apogee), and the second charge fires when the rocket descends to 1200 feet or 600 feet or 300 feet above ground (3 choices, user selectable). One common usage is to deploy a main parachute at apogee by using only the first output. However, the most typical usage is to deploy a drogue chute or streamer first, then to deploy a main parachute when the rocket descends to 1200 or 600 or 300 feet above ground (Dual Deployment™), in order to avoid significant drifting due to wind.


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Additional GP-23A Alkaline Lighter Battery; Price: $2.25


Additional Interconnect Cables: CAB5/6-12, CAB5/6-24, or CAB5/6-36


Mounting Hardware Programming Jumpers




VCK2 Vacuum Chamber, Complete with Bottle and Interconnect Cable. Use for simulating flights, and for testing Altimeters with or without deployment.


Electronic Instrumentation is not compatible with the corrosive fumes and residue created by rocket motors and deployment charges. Seal holes in bulkheads, and gaps and leaks with epoxy or removable putty.

Tac'N Stik Removable and Reusable Putty


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