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Seal holes, and gaps and leaks in bulkheads with epoxy or removable putty. After passing wires through holes in bulkheads, seal them with epoxy, or removable putty such as Tac'N Stik.

An Altimeter must be installed in a "sealed" chamber with a vent or vents to the outside. A sealed bulkhead below the altimeter chamber is necessary to avoid the vacuum caused by the aft end of a rocket during flight. A sealed bulkhead above the altimeter chamber is necessary to avoid any pressure fluctuations that may be created at the nose end of the rocket.

Electronic Instrumentation is not compatible with the fumes and residue created by rocket motors and deployment charges.

Tac'N Stik per 2 ounce pack: $2.99

There are numerous similar products on the market that vary in brand and color, in packaging and texture, and so on. We only offer it here as a convenience to our customers, so you don't need to buy it from us. This stuff is available everywhere. Click HERE to see a picture of the samples we have collected.      3/28/13

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